About the Author


When I quit my job and shoved the ten-page To Do list and generous piles of papers and files off my desk in one sweeping motion, that had to be the most satisfying moment of my 30-year career in business. I eyed my laptop suspiciously, deciding it could stay—as long as it behaved. From the knee-deep mess on the floor, I pulled out a single clean pad of lined paper and fished around for a decent blue ball-point pen. The still full-of-ink, flowing kind.

A new beginning. Time to write novels. Every economic-infused bone in my body screamed no, no, no! Not worth it, dummy. But all the life experiences that wearied me and inspired me throughout the years led me to take up this desire, which was not so new. Rather decades old, actually.

And so it began with The Gatekeeper’s Descendants.

As far as the story in The Gatekeeper’s Descendants goes, I had a clever and unique plot in mind. But those wonderful fictional characters came first, and I quickly discovered they had much to say about their own decisions and paths. I learned from them I was a discovery writer. Being a creative, I was good with that. Important to me was to incorporate realisms: personality traits, emotional challenges, tough situations and simply, life. And oh yeah, an ethereal realm, with rebels of course. 

The most exciting part for me is to hear how the story affects readers. It’s been a privilege to receive touching responses – several have enjoyed the feeling of hope and comfort following the loss of a loved one. 

Without readers, writers simply wouldn’t have much purpose. So, a heartfelt thank you. I hope you will give The Gatekeeper’s Descendants a chance even if it is a diversion from your normal genre. 

I would absolutely love to connect and hear your experience with the story!